Sunday, 10 April 2016

WaveOfActionUK #Gs4thJuly General Strike

We are wave of action UK, we are calling out to you the people of the United Kingdom.

The time has come to stand together against austerity and the destruction of the working classes. The time to call for a general strike. 

NHS staff Doctors 
Steel workers 
Tube workers 
Council staff 
Refuse collectors
Workers of the united kingdom
Struggling families
The sick and the disabled

It is time to Fight against the growing austerity and deadly cuts we face, to unite and stand agianst
tax avasion, 
tax credit cuts, 
disability cuts, 
pensions being raided, 
low wages, 
zero hours, 
staff shortages. 

Join us in calling for a general strike... contact unions, activist groups, mps, friends and family, ask them to join us, the people in calling for a general strike 4th of July 2016. Sign our petition online to send a letter to unions and people's assembly and keep building the pressure. SO far over 10,000 peoples have signed and still all but two of the unions and the peoples assembly have failed to respond. 

Get local, get organised, get involved!!! Wave of action uk has decided to host events along with many other groups to support a general strike on July 4th, we have created an event for every City in the UK. We can not organise every single event ourselves, but together the people united can we hope that you join your local event page and meet other like minded people to shape your own events. We will of course be supporting our local events too.

People with opinions across the political spectrum are invited to unite and find common ground against the disease of greed and corruption and find a cure for its many symptoms including austerity . Together we will overcome divide and conquer propaganda by forming communities of support and compassion. Together we will fight for freedom and begin engaging in a relentless campaign of non violent civil disobedience.

People will can take part in whatever tactics they are interested in throughout a sustained cycle starting the 4th July 2016.

Here’s a basic list of tactics…

Mass gatherings, and demonstrations;
Marches, parades
Flash mobs, swarms
Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations
Worker Strikes
Hunger strikes
Strategic defaults, debt strikes
Foreclosure prevention
Boycotting corrupt corporations Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market
Use alternative currencies and economic systems
Cancel your cable television and support independent media
Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info / protect privacy
Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations
Leak information on corruption
Use alternative energy
Build urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them
Support local businesses
Join local community organizations
Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems 
Start or join intentional and autonomous communities; Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy
Host teach-ins
Organize socially conscious events
Make conscious media
Guerrilla postering, messages on money
Guerrilla Gardening and Seed bombs
Organise Swap shops and book swaps
Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message
Random acts of kindness and compassion
Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

You know what you can do to play a part. Do whatever you feel inspired to do. Amplify what you are already doing. Think about what you are willing to do to be the change we urgently need to see in the world, and then do it.

One of the best ways to do this is to share ideas and support each other in implementing them, you can list your own event here, on our blog, twitter or website. We will help and support you but we can not organise every event across the country for this to succeed we need to work as one, as a collective on our common goal of change! Please use our wall etc to engage with like minded people to inspire each other and reach out to the masses. We hope this free spirited approach will create lots of new fresh n vibrant ways of protest other then just marching.

Today people you can choose to be the change you wish to see in the world, today you can make a stand and united we can make a difference, There are many many more of us then them, we are the 99%

we are the people

Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Tsunami is Coming - April 11 Parliament Square - UNITED AGAINST CHILD ABUSE...

A call to arms. 

WE the people are the ones we have been waiting for. The system isnt going to change anytime soon unless we start to imagine a better world and then effect the required change, and it relies upon a select few of us to cause the shift in consciousness needed. 

We are just a few seconds short of midnight...

If not now. when? 

If not you, who?

Please support Independent & Intelligent Music

Buy Alais Clay End of an Era here (name your price)

For those able to attend London Parliament Square next Saturday 11 April 2015 it would be a pleasure to make your acquaintance .

For those unable to attend , maybe next time. ;-))

Existence is Resistance

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Only One Year of Wave of Action?

Gregorian: 2nd April 2015

Galactic: Blue Crystal Storm, gathering together to share in the storms of change we are experiencing.

Has it only been a year of Wave of Action? We've done so much and come so far. Of course, the wave was building before the beginning, countless people making real change in their communities, online, realising they were part of a greater all for greater good. But a year ago this weekend, a genuine bunch of people came together to launch the Wave - in person in Trafalgar Square, or connected by heart and mind elsewhere in the country if unable to make it to the capitol. I was one of the latter, who knew the beginning was nigh but couldn't get. So I'm super happy to be able to join the year's anniversary hi-jinks, especially having since met many other involved, and - excitingly - still yet to meet others who I feel I know pretty well from our Facebook connections. Love that we can make new like-minded mates online, and feel the heart connection remotely, then meet in person and see the true and shining human beaming back at you for real. So I look forward to meeting those I've never met 'in person' or at least without the mask off!

So in the last year, there's been so many protests, big and small, such as the massive People's Assembly at the Summer Solstice, the incredible Million Mask March on 5th November, or the more local Lighting the Night for Gaza and the two-woman trolley drop, of produce from Israel. There have been many Occupy's and other Anonymous events, OpSafeWinter helping the homeless in Nottingham, London and Peterborough, to name a few places taking part, OperationRealLove also spreading the love and care over the winter. Bigger protests Wave went to have included the CND Wrap Up Trident one around the MoD and the recent Climate Change March.  All of which are separate events, but all part of the genuine, heart-felt wave of action taking place around the UK, and the world. 

From Love Bombing the mosques in Sweden to all the many anti-fracking protests, camps and lock-ons - people have shown they do have the power.
And it is getting stronger by the hour.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel something building this weekend? 

It's an uneasy energy given a few strange military developments around the world over the last few days. The American army stage a 1,100 mile long convoy through six countries in East Europe as a 'show of strength' exercise - with footage released of locals waving the stars and stripes flag. Worryingly this is "the longest such movement the United States Army has made across Europe since Gen. George S. Patton diverted his Third Army to relieve Bastogne, Belgium, in 1944." (NYTimes) 
Apparently, people in the Czech Republic were threatened with arrest if they took any direct action protest as the convoy passed through their country. 
Meanwhile, in the USA, the military has announced a massive domestic training exercise for elite forces in June that will involve operating undercover amongst civilians in urban environments. Many civil groups are concerned that this is in preparation for a major domestic incident in which Marshall Law would be declared. Then last night vast swathes of the country had their tv broadcasts cut with an Emergency Broadcast message, with no indication or warning that it was a test. And more military gear has been filmed moving West through Canada

All just coincidence or is something big brewing?

With a full moon lunar eclipse happening on the very same day as Wave of Action celebrates its first anniversary, as well as it being Easter and Passover, the time is heavy with expectations. But I'm sensing a feeling of strength in the people, united against what we do not want and forging ahead with what is right, with the transformation we need to make in our world. I really feel that we are now the many, the decent, awake human beings up for making change, and the 'dark side' are the few. 

Can we all hang in there, stay strong knowing we all want a better world and can create it together?

As Kaypacha says in his weekly Pele Report: 'It is a big job, cleaning up the mess of the patriarchy and establishing a harmonious, healthy and fun reality on the planet but it is definitely doable and the sooner we start the sooner it will happen. Right now that involves getting together, on the same page (possibly webpage haha!), pooling our resources, as together we will accomplish more than alone. This is a powerful time to connect with people to bring balance, peace, justice, and beauty. A time of loving it up.  Let's do it!'

Try saying his mantra for this week: 
"As a social being,
I am willing to relate,
Knowing that nirvana,

We need to Co-create."

So join together in creativity, fun and a force to be reckoned with, in the events planned this Saturday, which include a giant pillow fight, 100 guitars playing together in Trafalgar Square, fighting fascism and holding a candlelit vigil for whistleblowers under arrest for telling the truth. 

As well as the timely astrology for this weekend, it's also the start of another 260-day Tzolkin on the 13Moon calendar. 

We begin with Red Magnetic Dragon, attracting a primal sense of being, nurturing and purpose for the next 13 days wave spell as we go into another 260-day spin round the cycles of life. Interesting synchronicity.

Are we about to see our nurturing nature and the love in humanity triumph over death and destruction as we show how creative and positive change can be? Or will it take another crazy world war to wake enough people up to realise this killing in the name of money has to stop? Join in with others in ANY way you can this weekend to push for positive change in your life and in the world. We can do this!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Traffic - Full Version - Watch Online

Traffic - Full Version - Watch Online

 If video does not play please visit our dropbox

YouTube Took it down so we have moved it, please share...we need this info out there to help families.

This is the DVD called Traffic. The UK social services have made an attempt to ban this film. Why? What's in the film that they want a ban on it? Every day children who are adoptable are removed from loving caring parents on evidence that would never stand up in a criminal court. Most of the evidence is only the opinion and is never backed up by actual evidence. Even the evidence in cases where parents are accused of non accidental injury is not backed up by up-to-date evidenced based literature. Then you have risk of future emotional harm, this is the catch all term. You cannot assess future risk, where there is no historical or current evidence of risk. Yet this practice is widespread throughout the UK. The current safeguarding training of people is not a means and method of safeguarding but a means and method of being able to being to take children who may have had a accident in the every day course of life. Social workers in child protection are a breed of cold, heartless unempathetic people who demonstrate the most cold hearted and callous behaviour towards parents ever imaginable. Every child is a potential target now and no matter what the explanation from parents, they are considered to be the perpetrator. The courts work on the balance of probability, that is, it is probable you did it. Worse still it only needs to be 51%. In the family courts you have no chance, it is a complete stitch up from start to finish. Social workers, guardians, solicitors, barristers collude together to see to the swift removal of the child. The most vulnerable are targeted and completely railroaded during proceedings, they are never afforded reasonable adjustments that should be in place to support them. Parents from one end of the country to the other tell the same story. The evidence is mounting, parents are speaking out, they will no longer be silenced, they want their children back.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Revolution Recap

The ongoing Wave of Action – are we building up to a Tsunami?

Wave of Action began in April this year. So taking that as a starting point for action taking place, wouldn't you say there'd been more this year, in the UK especially, than ever before? I would.

Recently Beaty Pea talked brilliantly about Revolution – asking when’s it gonna happen. If not make change now? When? If not you? Who? What are we waiting for, the one big event? No, this might take more than that. She's right, but I say, the revolution is well under way. It's just a bit of a slow-burner - and pushing against a centuries-old, dark, crazy system that won't die as easily as we'd like. 

There’s been a steady, constant stream of protests, direct actions, unifying moments for a few years now building up especially over this year, worldwide. But in the UK alone we have seen so many people on the streets, in uproar: the massive People’s Assembly at summer solstice and again in October, climate marches, Stop The War, anti-fracking protests, Occupy sit ins, Class War no poor doors weekly demos, Anonymous Million Mask March, which has felt like a catalyst for even more direction action from the heart and with humour. How about this manure dump outside the Ukip offices for the LULZ? And the recent Twitterstorm CameronMustGo!

Some argue that some of the protest is orchestrated to bring in a police state. They can try, but in the UK we have a massive house of cards tumbling down around us, rocking the status quo beyond belief as we discover so many establishment have been involved in paedophile rings. And the police are as corrupt as the rest of them, implicated in criminal behaviour and protecting corporate greed, when they should be working for the people who pay for them - us. 

Like Wave of Action on their post-Anonymous march chat, I feel we made a mockery of the police as they didn't seem to know what people were doing and we gave them a good run around the capital city. ‘They were walking with their arses clenched,’ says Beaty Pea. 'At one point there were thousands of protestors around about ten of them. They got caught up and couldn't get out. They were kettled by protestors. They were shitting themselves.'  

Whatever hardened on-the-street activists say about clicktivism, in the cases of 38 degrees and Avaaz, millions of signatures on petitions against the rot being dished out by governments all over the world - have powerful effect and have stopped stuff at times, such as the forest sell-off, and at least delayed decisions, on fracking, a bit. But we still have a long way to go as those bastards at the top won’t give up the fight easily, as their old world dies away (PLEASE!)

Keep up the good work! We are really stepping it up now, can you feel it? Up the pressure, the positive action, genuine people speaking out, truth coming out, as the establishment are shown to be what they are – criminals. Mindblowing change happening under our very noses. 

But we do need to work out what we want instead. Or will it just develop naturally from a place of love? With 4,000+ people, maybe 6000, on the streets at the Million Mask March and only ten arrests – and loads of homeless people helped - that’s what happens when anarchy happens: people look out for each other, smile, feel connected, cooperative, like one big party. Or is that too dream-world to expect it just to happen naturally, leaving revolution at risk of being hijacked by glory-seekers. We need practical plans, decisions about who makes them, how to go about it... There's a lot of work to do to work out the new, and meanwhile the fight against the powers that be still goes on at the same time. You can’t let your guard down, or take your eye off the ball for a second.

But take a moment to see what we have done over this last year alone. Celebrate the building wave of action and know that change is coming, slowly but surely. SURELY!

And while we’re on the subject of Tsunamis of Truth coming out: Fukushima - hello? 

Why is this not on the nightly news? Why is nothing being done to help, about clearing it up, rectifying it? It's another mahooosive thing we’re not told about. There's a lot of propaganda and bullshit being spread, you have to be your own reality filter. Time to work out what is the truth, and deal with it. Together. In a grown up way. Are we ready? Are we capable? 

It's worth noting, as Pema Chodrun says in her book When Things Fall Apart, which is guiding me through the one of my toughest years: 

'Times are difficult globally, awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It's becoming critical. We don't need to add more depression, more discouragement, or more anger to what's already there. It's becoming essential that we learn how to relate sanely with difficult times. The earth seems to be beseeching us to connect with joy and discover our innermost essence. This is the best way we can benefit others.' 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Why bullying still exists.

Many of us, especially those trapped in poverty or have children with disabilities or special educational needs, have experienced bullying in our lives, this is to explain why bullying won't stop until the government are held accountable and dramatic changes are made.

The economy needs poverty and inequality to gain capital, if the government and corporations lower the conscience of the mainstream follower they successfully dehumanise the vulnerable areas that need funding and can then cut services and budgets without anyone caring about the consequences, schools, disabilities, poverty and benefit claimants all get trashed in the name of capitalism.

So this is why children are indoctrinated to despise or ridicule those more vulnerable than themselves, so the higher up in society can easily remove the rights of the people they should be protecting. 

A child with trousers too short and frayed will be pointed at and mocked, even violently assaulted, rather than aided and protected as they should be. The parents are taught that if a child's mother or father is claiming, then they are living off the backs of hard working middle class citizens, thus gives personal reason to bully and dislike the person who they see as a reason to why they also are facing austerity.

So when the government cuts the benefits that child's parents receive it's seen as a success rather than the true inequality and breach of human rights it is.  

The child from the lesser impoverished family will learn, like most children, to judge the very same people their parents do, this creates a generation of hate and disregard that lasts and grows stronger. 

Millions of families across the UK are struggling with the cost of school and thousands of children are being bullied and embarrassed as a result.

Millions of families across the UK are struggling with the cost of school and thousands of children are being bullied and embarrassed as a result.

Poverty determines your child's education.

Wrong but true, also the endless spiral the government has trapped us in! Forever Poor and forever disadvantaged for generations!

This also happens to children with special educational needs or disabilities. 

Weaker vulnerable people should be helped and protected. Bullies prey on weaker targets because it hides their own fears and weaknesses - makes them appear powerful.

The survival of the fittest and the constant pressure of being the best within education tends to eliminate many children from the competition life has become.

Bullies are functioning contrary to everything noble and high in a human being, and we should all aspire to operate on this earth, as the noblest and fairest of beings. To be noble is to seek to serve and not rule, to help not hinder, to love not hate. Deep within us, we all know that's true, but many have forgotten this. The coarseness of human society and its shallow values serve to obscure this.

It is an intentional act on behalf of the leaders and moneymakers of society to tread on those that draw in less profit, and whom they should be protecting.

"Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.

It leads to an outcome which is always painful and/or distresses."

Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA)

Bullying can happen to any child, but children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) are more likely to be bullied.

Just for the record, this is just the start of what is to become a more and more fascist Britain, where wealth and health determine how long you live and how well educated you become.

The poor and vulnerable will keep getting poorer, and the rich will keep getting wealthier. 

If you need more information on what's happening and the changes people are making and rights we are fighting for join us @WaveOfActionUK

<br /><br /><a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG_7755.JPG" class="alignnone size-full" /></a>

Saturday, 8 November 2014

School and suicide in the UK.

Some who end their lives or attempt suicide might be trying to escape feelings of rejection, hurt, or loss. Others might feel angry, ashamed, or guilty about something. Some people may be worried about disappointing friends or family members. And some may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or like they're a burden to others.

School can bring on many of those feelings and we are about to enter an even more dangerous territory in the UK. 

In February 2014, education minister Elizabeth Truss lead a "fact-finding mission" to Shanghai to learn the secrets of China's success. With plans to adjust the UK's education policy accordingly. 

Yet Chinese parents and educators see their own system as corrupt, dehumanising, pressurised and unfair. In fact, many are looking to the west for answers.

China has seen a rise in child suicide and considering their lives literally revolve around school and learning, it would be hard to find the Education system not guilty for this.

When we look at the UK, and the way the Government wants to find extreme ways to bring the children of the UK to the top of the international educator scoreboards, we need to question if this is healthy or safe. 

I believe not. 

We are already seeing a rise in teen suicide, as the educators tighten the belt around students, teachers and parents. 

In 2010 teen suicide was low in the UK.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that in the 15-19 age group, six people per 100,000 in Britain killed themselves in 2008. In relative terms, the youth suicide statistics for Britain are low – fifth from the bottom in a table of 30.

The education system was not to standard according to the Government, although our children seemed happier and less likely to harm themselves, this changed rapidly, alongside the changes to the education act 2011 that received royal assent.

We then saw a sudden rise in teen suicide, our children seemed to be happier less and less. 

The number of people taking their own life in the UK rose "significantly" in 2011, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown.

How has it come to the point that we have allowed the monsters who roam Westminster, to decide how happy our children are?.

When is it going to be enough?.

There are many ways to make sure our children are educated and still happy, Finland has consistently ranked high in the PISA study, which compares national educational systems internationally, although in the recent years Finland has been displaced from the very top.

What we need to ask ourselves is, should the government be held accountable for the lack of human rights in their efforts to storm to the top of the stats board within education? Are the government the sneakiest child abusers we have?

Many choose to home educate as they have seen the lack of care within the education system, but should these be our only options? Should we as parents be the voice saying no?.<br /><br /><a href=""><img src="" alt="IMG_7558.JPG" class="alignnone size-full" /></a>